089  |  Data Vis Around the World in 2016

Hey everyone!

For the end of the year we decided to experiment with a new, very special kind of episode. We asked 6 different visualization experts from 6 different countries (and 5 different continents!) to tell us what happened this year in the data visualization space on their side of the world.

We virtually traveled very far! On the podcast, we have Krisztina Szűcs from Hungary, Blaise Aboh from Nigeria, Simon Ducroquet from Brazil, Nikita Rokotyan from Western Siberia, Simon Elvery from Australia, and Jane Pong from Hong Kong.

To each, we asked four simple questions:

  • Who are you and where are you located?
  • How is the data visualization scene where you are?
  • What were the major developments or projects this year?
  • What do you hope for next year?

As you will discover by listening to this episode, a lot is going on in these countries. It’s fascinating to learn about it, and we really hope you’ll enjoy our new experiment. Let us know what you think!

…And with this, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! It’s been great serving all of you through our show, including a total of 24 episodes this year!

Take care.

This episode of Data Stories is sponsored by Qlik, which allows you to explore the hidden relationships within your data that lead to meaningful insights. Don’t miss their webinar on business intelligence trends 2017 on January 11, 2017!


Krisztina Szűcs in Hungary

Blaise Aboh in Nigeria

Simon Ducroquet in Brazil

Nikita Rokotyan in Western Siberia

Simon Elvery in Australia

Jane Pong in Hong Kong

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