Enrico Bertini

Enrico Bertini is an acclaimed researcher in the field of data visualization. He has a background in Computer Science and is currently Assistant Professor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in the CSE Department. He lives in “the village” in New York City with his lovely 3 kids and wife. He is working hard on keeping his Italian accent and brings the academic perspective to this show. 


Moritz Stefaner

Moritz Stefaner works as an independent “Truth & Beauty Operator” on the crossroads of data visualization, user interface design and information aesthetics. After successfully quitting academia on the road to a PhD, he has gathered loads of practical experience in drawing insight and beauty from large data collections over the last ten years. He works for large NGOs and academic and commercial clients, as well as on self-commissioned projects. When he is not hopping around the globe, he works and lives on the countryside in the north of Germany with his family, horses, and bees.


Sandra Rendgen

Sandra Rendgen is the producer of Data Stories. In real life she is a researcher, consultant and concept developer focussing on data visualization, interactive media and the history of infographics. She published several books in the field, most recently „The Minard System” and „History of Information Graphics”. She has recently been appointed Head of Design at Berlin-based visualization studio Infographics Group. Based in Berlin, she loves having time off so she can hang out with her husband and gang of vivacious kids.


Florian Wöhrl

Florian Wöhrl is the guy who makes our often challenging recordings sound amazing. He fell in love with radio and spoken word during his Media Arts and Design studies in Weimar, and has since worked as a producer, project manager, and audio engineer in audio productions for public broadcast, video games and other clients.



Destry Sibley

Destry Sibley was our producer until early 2019. She has worked as an educator, researcher, and translator, and has lived in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile, and Bangladesh. Today, she works as a freelance multimedia producer based in New York City. Her interest in multimedia storytelling brought her to to the CUNY Graduate Center, where she studies digital media through data visualization and narrative nonfiction.