019  |  With Santiago Ortiz


Hi Folks,

We have Santiago Ortiz with us today. Santiago has an impressive array of data visualization projects he has been pouring out during the last year and a very unique style. See for yourself in his portfolio website: http://moebio.com/. We talk about the Tapestry Conference, mathematics, the business of data visualization and much much more. Enjoy it!


00:00:00 Start
00:00:01 Intro: our guest today: Santiago Ortiz (@moebio)
00:01:55 Tapestry conference
00:08:40 Santiago: how it all began: Flash, math and teaching
00:11:34 Bestiario
00:13:23 Impure/Quadrigram
00:14:17 Freelance since 2012
00:17:12 Yay for self-inititated projects!
00:20:56 Knowledge visualization
00:25:11 “Santiago style”
00:26:36 Client work
00:31:18 Tools, frameworks, open source
00:40:52 On process
00:51:47 Non-information-based projects
00:55:23 The role of math
01:06:41 Regional differences in the data visualization scenes?
01:17:13 Wrapping it up

Episode’s Links

Tapestry Conference
Scott McCloud
Pat Hanrahan
Nigel Holmes
Enrico’s live notes from tapestry
Jonathan Corum’s slides

Santiago and his work
his portfolio: http://moebio.com/
his past company: http://www.bestiario.org/
Lostalgic (ABC’s LOST TV show): http://intuitionanalytics.com/other/lostalgic/
Love is patient (merging faces with voronoi shapes): http://moebio.com/loveispatient/

Processing library
giCenterUtils: http://gicentre.org/utils/

Vis people with math background
Jason Davies: http://www.jasondavies.com/
Jen Lowe: http://www.datatelling.com/

Hilbert Curves and Vis
Wikipedia page on HC
Martin Wattemberg’s Jigsaw Maps
Daniel Keim’s Pixel-Oreinted Visualizations