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124  |  Xenographics with Maarten Lambrechts

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Most often in data visualization we depend on traditional charts, but occasionally we stumble onto something new, maybe even something weird: something that is interesting and beautiful. How many charts of this type exist? And do they have anything in common?

In this episode we have Maarten Lambrechts on the show to talk about his Xenographics project: a growing collection of “unusual charts and maps.”

We talk with Maarten about examples of xenographics, the system Maarten developed to organize the collection, the role of innovation in visualization, and the future of these unusual designs.

We hope you enjoy the show!


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107  |  Visualizing Bitcoin with Dan McGinn

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This episode we have Dan McGinn from Imperial College in London on the show to talk about visualizing Bitcoin data. Dan and his colleagues have developed real-time visualizations of transactions in the “blockchain,” the public ledger used by Bitcoin to create and document transactions.

The visualizations are displayed in their Data Observatory, a beautiful, high-resolution, 64-screen distributed rendering of a cluster with a canvas of 132M pixels.

On the show we discuss Bitcoin and how it works, the visualizations Dan and his colleagues have developed, and what can be done next to visualize cryptocurrencies.

Enjoy the show!


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