018  |  Happy Birthday, Data Stories!

What can we say? One year has passed and it looks crazy we have been doing this thing for a whole year: 18 whole episodes. Thanks a lot everyone for your encouragements and numerous comments and suggestions. And big thanks to all the people who participated!

In this episode we review the whole set of posts and comment on them trying to see how they look like from a distance now that some time has passed.

If you have any suggestions on stuff you would like to see in DS in the next year LET US KNOW!


00:00:00 Happy Birthday Data Stories!
00:02:19 On naming episodes and the Andy effect
00:04:44 01: Animated Data Kitsch
00:06:54 02: Ranting about marathons, challenges and awards
00:09:45 03: Evaluation
00:15:11 04: Malofiej
00:17:27 05: Learning data visualization with Andy Kirk
00:21:22 06: Food
00:22:49 07: Color
00:23:25 08: Interview with Jeff Heer
00:24:51 09: Bridging academia and industry
00:25:41 10: Stefanie Posavec
00:26:49 11: emoto
00:27:29 12: Alberto Cairo
00:29:52 13: visweek
00:31:20 14: Google hangout episode
00:33:22 15: Robert Kosara
00:35:27 16: 2012 review
00:37:24 17: Data Sculptures
00:38:52 What’s up next


  1. Philip says:


    Love Data Stories. In Episode 18 you mention a draft of a book by “Tamara”. I could not catch her name. Can you please put the link or further information up?
    Look forward to further stories.

  2. Brittany says:

    Hey guys,

    In regards to Alberto’s course yes it does revolve around his book ‘The Functional Art’….with access to chapters to other books and sources.

    It was a great experience!

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