020  |  On Maps. With Michal Migurski.

Hi all,

In this episode we talk about maps and map technology. How it evolved and revolutionized the way we think about geography. We have Michal Migurski with us! He is former technology head at Stamen and creator of multiple successful visualizations libraries and tools like Modest Maps and Crimespotting.

Episode Chapters

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:06 Our guest: Mike Migurski
00:04:45 How did Mike get started with computers?
00:06:16 Raving in the 90s
00:07:02 The beginnings of Stamen
00:13:49 Oakland Crimespotting
00:14:58 A short history of online mapping
00:17:04 Google maps
00:20:19 Open Street Map
00:24:31 Everyblock
00:26:51 Oakland Crimespotting pt.2
00:32:42 Tools and frameworks – modest maps
00:34:29 Polymaps
00:36:30 Cloudmade
00:38:23 Leaflet.js
00:39:57 Mapnik
00:43:12 d3.geo
00:46:17 How to make geo data accessible in a better way
00:49:56 Automatic labeling
00:51:39 @alignedleft: What is a map tile?
00:55:42 @janwillemtulp: Question on process and inspiration, future trend
00:58:07 @petersonGIS: time ratio data processing vs visualization
01:02:57 Wrapping it up


Stamen’s Projects

The Atlantic’s article on maps: 12 Fresh Ideas for Transforming the Places We Live With Open Data

Tools and Frameworks

Recent Mike’s Projects


Lots of links! Have fun with maps 🙂