058  |  Data Installations w/ Domestic Data Streamers


I believe we are bored from being 8 to 10 hours everyday in front of the screen, so when we go out from the screen the real life happens and things get more and more interesting.

– Dani Llugany Pearson

Hey everyone, starting from this episode we will add images/photos of projects and ideas discussed on the show so that you no longer have to guess what we are talking about! Try this one below … if you click on it you’ll get high-res pictures. Let us know if you like it!

Hi folks,

We have Dani Llugany Pearson from Domestic Data Streamers to talk about their studio and the amazing participatory data installations that they make.

You really need to see examples of what they do! Go to http://domesticstreamers.com/ and take a look at their projects.

In Data Strings they ask people to add their own thread to a set of physical parallel coordinates. In Life Line they use a grid of 800 balloons to show the point between one’s real age and the age at which one would like to die. In Golden Age they use a grid to let people mark with a log what is their age and what they believe is the best age in people’s life.

On the show we talk about how they got started and the process behind some of their projects.

Enjoy the show!

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