057  |  Visualizing Human Development w/ Max Roser

max-roserWe have economist Max Roser from University of Oxford to talk about his Our World in Data project where he visualizes the social, economic, and environmental history of humanity up to the present day.

Our World in Data is a remarkable project that Max started on his own and worked on little by little in his spare time until it evolved into a full website with plenty of interesting data, presentations, and visualizations to to better understand humanity.

The nicest thing is that it provides a quite positive picture of the world and about the many ways that we are improving our conditions. Go to the website (http://ourworldindata.org/) and take a look at War and Violence, Poverty, Global Heath, Etc.

On the show we talk about how Max started his work; the process behind finding a topic, collecting, and curating the data; and producing these nice visuals that people can easily understand. We also talk about human biases, persuasion, and how Max learned to build web sites and visualizations.

Enjoy the show!

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  1. Peter Dengel says:

    This is really important work Max. Everything you present is in great need. Most all new and most people are pessimistic, you give real state that prove otherwise.
    Peter Dengel

  2. Max Roser says:

    Thank you Peter! Great to hear that you find OurWorldInData.org useful.

    Yes, the idea is to show how the world is changing. And while there is still a lot of work to be done, the view on how the world is changing shows that a lot of things are developing in a good direction and we are actually able to make progress in many aspects.

    Best, Max 

  3. frances pairaudeau says:

    Are we allowed to reproduce the images on this site, I would like to include them at a conference that I am doing in Toronto, Canada

    Is this acceptable and if so do you have any of them in a printable form.

    Thanks so much

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