045  |  Nicholas Felton

Happy new year, everyone!

We start 2015 with a bang, and have Nicholas Felton on the show. We talk about his personal annual reports, typography, privacy, and how we all deal with data and tracking today. Great conversation.


One more link we only found later: Practical Typography is a great starting point for anyone who would like to learn more about typography and type.

Thanks again to Tableau Software for sponsoring the show! Check out the free trial they have, it’s a great piece of software.

And, in other news: We are looking for support with the audio editing! So, if you have some experience with audio editing podcasts, and could also imagine to help us with collection the links and titling the chapters etc, this would be great. We can offer a small compensation, too. And, of course, you’re among the very first people worldwide to listen to the new Data Stories recordings 🙂

Next week, we will record a 2014 review with a few of the usual suspects. What moved you this year? Leave us a comment or tweet us!


  1. Doug Caldwell says:

    Great podcast … just wanted to follow-up on the conversation about map labeling.

    Eduard Imhof’s classic paper ‘Positioning Names on Maps’ can be found at

    There are several automated labeling packages specifically designed for tackling the difficult map labeling problem. There don’t appear to be good general summaries of the capabilities, but here are some references …

    ** Maplex (Esri) **

    What is the Maplex Label Engine? (Intro on Features)

    Maplex Label Engine Placement Properties for Advanced Labeling

    ** MAPPublisher LabelPro – (Avenza) **

    ** labelEZ (maptext) **

    As used in SAFE Feature Manipulation Engine product


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