117  |  Datawrapper with Lisa C. Rost and Gregor Aisch

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We have Lisa C. Rost and Gregor Aisch on the show to talk about the exciting work they are doing at Datawrapper. Lisa and Gregor have recently joined the company in Berlin, coming from various experiences in data journalism in the US.

Lisa is known for her long, thoughtful and beautiful blog posts and visualization guides. Gregor is a former graphics editor at the New York Times and has also developed many useful visualization libraries and tools.

On the show we talk about Lisa and Gregor’s transitions from the world of journalism to a software company, the market for data visualization products, and what we can expect from Datawrapper in the future.

Enjoy the show!



Lisa Charlotte Rost: https://lisacharlotterost.de/

Gregor Aisch: https://driven-by-data.net/

Datawrapper: http://datawrapper.de

Datawrapper’s blog

River (DW’s place to exchange relevant data, charts and maps)

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