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95 | Challenges of Being a Vis Professional in Industry with Elijah Meeks

This week, we have Elijah Meeks on the show to talk about the state of data visualization jobs in the industry.

Elijah sparked a recent debate with the following Twitter message: “Most people in #Datavisualization end up transitioning into data sci/eng or UI because there’s something wrong with the state of dataviz.” His tweet struck an interesting chord, so we thought we would bring him on the show to hear more.

In the episode, we talk about what is going on in the data visualization field and whether there really is a problem for data visualization professionals in the industry. We also talk about the great survey Elijah run on the state of the vis industry, which attracted around 1000 responses (!).

Enjoy the show!

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91 | Visualizing Data with RAW

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In this episode we have on a nice trio of Italian visualizers — Michele Mauri (Density Design), Giorgio Uboldi (Calibro), and Giorgio Caviglia (Trifacta) — to talk about RAW, the data visualization tool they built to help people visualize data interactively.





RAW is a very nice web-based and open-source data visualization tool that permits users to easily create charts without coding and to export them as vector graphics for further editing in external tools.

On the show we talk about why the team decided to develop RAW, how they got started, how they evolved RAW over time, the lessons they’ve learned, and their future plans.

Enjoy the show!

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76 | Bocoup and OpenVis Conference

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On the show this week we have Irene RosJim Vallandingham, and Yannick Assogba from the data visualization team of Bocoup. We talk about how they collaborate with other groups to create open-source data visualization software. We also talk about OpenVis Conference, the successful and innovative visualization event they organize each year, as well as the cool visualization projects they develop internally.

This episode of Data Stories is sponsored by CartoDB. CartoDB is an open, powerful, and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key facts underlying the massive location data in our world. Whether you are a business, government agency, or simply a lover of revolutionary spatial insight technology, don’t settle for anything less than the best interactive maps around. Learn how CartoDB is shaping the world of location intelligence at cartodb.com/gallery.

Irene Ros
Jim Vallandingham
Yannick Assogba
Voyager (Exploratory Visualization Tool from IDL)
Lyra (Chart Building Tool from IDL)
Bocoup’s self-commissioned project “Stereotropes
Bocoup’s educational initiatives
OpenVis Conference 2015
OpenVis Conference Video Archive
OpenVis Conference file of transcripts
Contact the OpenVis Conference team
Lisa Charlotte Rost’s blog posts “One Chart, Twelve Tools” and “One Chart, Twelve Charting Libraries

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