032  |  High Density Infographics and Data Drawing w/ Giorgia Lupi


Hi folks,

We have Giorgia Lupi from Accurat on the show with us this time in our first real face-to-face episode ever — yes Moritz and Enrico in the same room!

Giorgia’s work, and generally the work done by her agency, has been super popular lately. You might have seen, for instance, their work visualizing Nobel Prizes or visualizing painters’ lives.

Giorgia kindly hosted us in the Accurat’s studio in New York where we had a nice chat on hand-crafted visualization, high-density designs, design studios, and much much more.

Here is us arguing even before starting the recording 🙂



Enjoy the show!



  1. samuel says:

    it’s great to hear people talking to eachother without latency.
    in contrast to the last episode.

  2. Mike Epler says:

    Loved Giorgia’s perspective as a designer. It would be great to get a technical staff to discuss the opposite angle Accurat, working with Designers…

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