080  |  Indexical Visualization with Dietmar Offenhuber

August 28, 2013 - Dietmar Offenhuber, a new faculty member in the College of Arts, Media and Design and the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, specializes in visualization and information design.

We have Dietmar Offenhuber, Assistant Professor at Northeastern University, on the show again to talk about “Indexical Visualizations”: visualizations that reduce the gap between the recorded phenomenon and its representation.

In Dietmar’s words: “If we understand ‘data’ as a collection of symbolically encoded observations, could we think of a display that conveys information—without the symbolic encoding of data—through the object itself?

On the show we talk about strategies to define and build indexical visualizations. Dietmar provides numerous examples, including thermometers, tree rings, petri dishes, and the blinking lights in your router. He also offers tips on experimenting with this kind of visualization and connecting to the indexical vis community.

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Enjoy the show!

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