078  |  Mimi Onuoha on Visualizing People's Lives through Mobile Data

This week Mimi Onuoha joins Moritz on the show for a project episode from the Eyeo Festival. Mimi is a Brooklyn-based artist and researcher, and currently a Fellow at the Data & Society Research Institute.

Mimi is fascinated by the moment when data get collected — by what can be captured in that moment, and what goes unseen. As a Fulbright-National Geographic Fellow, Mimi developed Pathways, a data storytelling project on a month’s worth of mobile data from a small group of Londoners. Using a quasi-ethnographic approach, the project reflects not only the individuals’ mobile metadata, but also their experiences becoming data subjects.

On the show, we discuss Mimi’s process recruiting both friends and strangers to become her data subjects, her experience developing personal relationships with each of them, and their reaction to the final product. 



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