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142  |  Data Is Personal with Evan Peck

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We have Evan Peck on the show to talk about the research he and his students recently published on “Data Is Personal”. The study consists of 42 interviews made in rural Pennsylvania to see how people from different educational backgrounds ranked a set of various data visualizations.

The study raises a lot of questions about how people perceive data visualization, our assumptions about who our readers are and how they use our work. Among many findings a recurring patters is that people read visualizations looking for something they can personally relate to.

With Evan we talk about how the project started, on what are the main findings, and what are the implications for data visualization design.


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128  |  Visual Perception and Visualization with Steve Haroz

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We have Steve Haroz on the show to talk about visual perception in visualization. Steve is a research scientist at Saclay, France near Paris (AVIZ) where he studies how “the brain perceives and understands visually displayed information like charts and graphs.”

Steve is also a very active figure on Twitter, where he is frequently asked to comment on visual perception problems in visualization.

On the show, we talk about what vision science is, practical examples of the use of vision science in data visualization, and how to use visual science to make predictive decisions about our data visualization designs.

Enjoy the show!


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