037  |  The Challenge of Teaching Visualization w/ Scott Murray and Andy Kirk

That’s a particularly tough but juicy episode folks! We turn a little bit inward and talk about the many challenges of teaching visualization.

We have code artist Scott Murray on the show, the author of the lovely D3 book “Interactive Data Visualization for the Web” and our almost-cohost ever-present Andy Kirk with us from visualisingdata.com.

Scott teaches visualization courses at Department of Art and Architecture University of San Francisco and Andy teaches some very popular 1-day workshop courses all around the world.

We talk about our experience with teaching visualization, reporting about what seems to work and what does not. I think we mostly report about our constant struggle to make things work 🙂 Hopefully this is going to be of help and fun for you guys!

And once again, thanks to our audio editor Nathan Griffiths (twitter.com/njgriffiths) for taking care of this episode!


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  1. jao says:

    Great podcast thanks so much!
    You might want to sip your beverages turning your mic off or turning from the mic itself. it was distracting …

    I took the time to comment because it was such a great thing for you to share this!

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