Data Stories Crowdfunding


Dear Data Stories Friends,

We are ready to try something new together with you. After many years of financial support from our generous sponsors, we now want to move to a crowdfunding model, where the show is funded by you — our listeners.

If you have enjoyed listening to our show so far — now you can show your appreciation and help produce the show!

→ You can fund us here! Any amount helps.

Here’s a few more details how it works:

Patreon is an amazing new platform many artists and professionals are using to get financial support from their fans. In short, you can pledge to pay an amount of your choosing per episode we publish.

As things stand now, we need $600 per episode, which includes expenses for Destry, our producer, and Florian, our audio engineer, and of course, any other expenses such as server space, mics, and promotion. Note that both of us, Enrico and Moritz, decided for the time being to get no compensation of any sort for the time we devote producing the show. It’s a labor of love.

On our Patreon page, you can pledge between $3-$50 for each episode. We need 200 true fans pledging the minimum amount to reach our goal and go completely ad-free!

If you are a Data Stories fan you can help us in two ways. First, pledge the amount you prefer now. Patreon makes this very easy and you can always unsubscribe if you are not happy with it. Also remember: you pay only for content we produce, and we only start charging once the funding goal has been reached!

Second, let your friends know! You can retweet our announcements, share them on Facebook, send an email to your friends and let everyone know if you decided to back the show.

This is a new adventure for us and we have big hopes this is going to turn into reality.

Relatedly, at the present moment, we are not accepting new sponsors and are expecting to switch to the new model as soon as we can (and our existing sponsorship agreements permit :).

It would be wonderful if you could be part of this journey!


Enrico and Moritz.