051  |  Smart Cities w/ Dietmar Offenhuber

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Dietmar Offenhuber

We have another great guest on the show. Dietmar Offenhuber visits us to talk about smart cities and visualizing data coming from cities.

Dietmar has an interesting background. He has a background in architecture with a Dipl. Ing. from the Technical University Vienna and then he got a MS in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab and a PhD in Urban Planning from MIT. He’s also been a key researcher at Ars Electronica Futurelab.

Now he is an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University in the departments of Art + Design and Public Policy, where he does research on the technological and social aspects of smart cities and urban governance.

In the show we talk about many of his super interesting projects such as Wegzeit  (timespace visualizations of LA) and Trash Track (on tracking and visualizing where garbage goes), and interesting concepts such as Accountability Technologies and Infrastructure Legibility. We also talk about the future of smart cities and what we should expect to get our of smart cities.

Enjoy the show!


(Moritz Launched ON BROADWAY with Lev Manovich, Dominikus Baur, Daniel Goddemeyer)

Our Guest: Dietmar Offenhuber
Arts Electronica Future Lab
MIT Senseable City Lab
Northeastern University Department of Art + Design
Wegzeit – timespace visualizations of LA
Comment Flow (social media visualization)
Semaspace (graph editing tool)
Trash Track (tracking and visualizing trash)
Smartcitizen (distributed crowdsourced sensors)
Bill Mitchell (MIT Media Lab Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences)
Mapping the archive (project with Dietmar and Moritz on the Arts Electronica Archive)
Dietmar’s Interview: Sorting Out Cities
Deitmar’s Book: Inscribing A Square (how urban data shapes public space / discourse, and what kinds of representations are involved, and what is their function)
Dietmar’s Book: Accountability Technologies – Tools for Asking Hard Questions
Dietmar’s Book: Decoding The City

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