034  |  Data journalism w/ Simon Rogers

[Thanks to our audio editor Nathan Griffiths (twitter.com/njgriffiths) for taking care of this episode]

Hi everyone!

After a long while … we have a real British voice on the show again! In this episode we have the pleasure to host data journalist Simon Rogers.

Simon has been leading data journalism initiatives at The Guardian for many years and he recently moved to Twitter (with the official role of Data Editor) where he takes care of creating visual stories out of Twitter data.

In the show we talk about his past experience at The Guardian as well as the more recent and exciting developments at Twitter.



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  1. andrew saul says:

    As a rule I normally don’t enjoy any article or discussion in general about “data journalism” as it is often devoid of any real insight or learning and chock full of buzzwords.

    This was a massive exception to that trend (and so have been all your discussions related to data journalism). Simon really got into what they do, what the challenges are and why they do it.

    From this point on I’ll be a little more forgiving of any discussion of data journalism and at least give it quick scan to see if it happens to be a little gem like this one.

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