011  |  emoto (with Stephan Thiel from Studio NAND)

Hi Folks,

In this episode we talk about emoto, the project on visualizing the sentiment of the Olympic Games in London 2012.

Since Moritz was one of the principal designers and developers behind the project, we thought: “hey, why not?!”

And we have a special guest! Stephan Thiel from Studio NAND joined us to share his own view and experience with the project.

Make sure to give a look to the emoto web site and the accompanying blog before listening to the podcast if you can, this will help you following our discussion … just in case you are not familiar with the project yet … just in case.

00:00:00 Intro – catching up
00:04:44 emoto – with our special guest Stephan Thiel from Studio NAND
00:06:58 How it all started
00:09:32 The team
00:13:19 Live sentiment visualization
00:17:44 How to test a real-time system for a one-off event?
00:21:09 The processing timeline
00:24:56 Sentiment analysis
00:27:06 Topic detection – supervised vs. unsupervised
00:28:17 The other project parts – data blog and data sculpture
00:31:00 Origami visualization
00:38:10 Color scale
00:42:34 Message stream view
00:49:00 “Sentigraphs”
00:54:47 Data sculpture
01:00:30 What’s next

Have fun!

Enrico & Moritz.

P.S. Feedback always welcome.

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