054  |  Designing Exploratory Data Visualization Tools w/ Miriah Meyer

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Hi all!

We have Miriah Meyer with us in this episode to talk about how to build interactive data visualization tools for scientists and researchers. Miriah is Assistant Professor at University of Utah and one of the leading experts on the process of designing data visualizations for scientific discovery.

To know more about her, take a look at her talk at TEDxWaterloo and her projects page, where she has numerous links to applications she developed in biology and other domains (see for instance MizBee and Pathline).

On the show we talk about her work on analyzing and understanding the design process: required steps, major pitfalls and tips on how to collaborate with domain scientists.

We also talk about her recent fascinating ethnographic work on “Reflections on How Designers Design With Data” and her ongoing work on building visualization tools for poetry!

Enjoy the show!