049  |  Data Journalism at ProPublica w/ Scott Klein

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scott-kleinHi everyone,

In this episode we have Scott Klein from ProPublica with us. ProPublica is a nonprofit organization that does investigative journalism and Scott directs a team of data journalists and programmers to create new applications based on data and data visualization.

In the show we talk about how ProPublica works and what challenges they are confronted with. How do you pick a story? How do you develop it? How do you make sure you are not making mistakes? This are some of the questions we discuss. We also talk about tools and libraries and how to train yourself to become a data journalist.

This was a very much needed episode as we never had a proper episode on data journalism. Thanks Scott for coming on the show!


ProPublica’s Dollars for Docs
Book: How Not To Be Wrong by Jordan Ellenberg
PDF Scraping Tool: Tabula (http://tabula.technology/)
The IPython Notebook (web-based interactive computational environment)
ProPublica’s Open Source Tools
The New School’s Program Journalism + Design
The ProPublica Nerd Blog
Knight-Mozilla Open News (community of data journalists)
NICAR-L Mailing List (National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting)