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129  |  Views of the World with Robert Simmon

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This week we have Robert Simmon on the show to discuss satellite imagery. Robert is a data visualization engineer at Planet Labs, where he creates visualizations of the earth from satellite sensor data. Previously a Data Visualizer and Designer at NASA, Robert is also known as “Mr. Blue Marble” for the image of Earth he created, which Apple later adopted as their default image for the iPhone lock screen.

On the show we talk about satellite imagery and what it takes to transform satellite data into something that is enlightening and intelligible. We also talk about the multiple parallels between satellite images and data visualization, the key role that color plays in creating effective visualizations, and Robert’s amazing color guide “Subtleties of Color.”


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122  |  Visualizing Climate Change Scenarios with Boris Müller

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This week, we have Prof. Boris Müller from FH Potsdam on the show! Moritz and Boris discuss the SENSES research project, which visualizes climate change scenarios. They also talk generally about design and science collaboration.

In other news, if you work in science and would like to improve your data visualization skills, make sure to check out the Graphic Hunters summer school In Utrecht, Netherlands, where Moritz will be offering a training on August 21, 2018.

Enjoy the show!



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113  |  What Makes A Visualization Memorable? with Michelle Borkin

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Michelle Borkin is Assistant Professor at Northeastern University where she studies the use of visualization in science research, in particular how it impacts human perception and cognition. On the show we talk about how the data viz community can better support the work of scientists, her popular research on data visualization memorability and, of course, the infamous data viz dinosaur.


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082  |  Information+ Conference Review

epi-title-info+Hey! Welcome back from summer vacation! We start the new season with an experiment. In this episode, we review three talks that were given at the Information Plus Conference. The Conference took place from June 16 -18 in Vancouver, Canada, and featured a whole array of amazing speakers.

For our review we selected three talks:

  1. Catherine D’Ignazio on “Creative Data Literacy: Bridging the Gap Between the Data Haves and Have-nots.”
  2. Karen Cheng on “Proving the Value of Visual Design in Scientific Communication.”
  3. Michele Mauri on “Why Designers Should Care about Wikipedia.”

Listen here for selections from each presentation, plus our comments and reflections on each talk.

And let us know how you like this new format! We may be able to repeat it again in the future.

Special thanks to our amazing producer Destry Sibley, who curated the selection of talks and created the snippets for this episode. And many thanks to Isabel Meirelles and the Information Plus team for making the material available to us.

Enjoy the show!

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