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090  |  Beyond the Chart with Brendan Dawes

Hey folks, we are back!

Before delving into this episode’s content, we have a special announcement: we started a crowdfunding campaign to turn Data Stories into a show that is fully-funded by our listeners! You can support us by visiting our Patreon page, and all the details of the initiative can be found here.

For our first episode of 2017 we had a very delightful chat with Brendan Dawes. Brendan is an artist and designer who works with interactive installations, data visualizations, and all things across the digital and physical sphere. He has a lot of super fascinating projects, including the famous Cinema Redux, an art piece that visualizes entire movies as a collection of snapshots.

On the show we talk about his projects, his design process and philosophy, his relationship with the data visualization world, how he generates ideas, and his upcoming projects.

We hope you enjoy this great conversation at the intersection of data, art, design, interaction and visualization!

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088  |  Re-designing Visualizations on #MakeoverMonday with Andy Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave

andysOn the show this week, we have Andy Kriebel, Head Coach at The Information Lab, and Andy Cotgreave, Technical Evangelist at Tableau, to talk about their lovely social web series, #MakeoverMonday.

This is how #MakeoverMonday works, according to Andy and Andy: “Each week we post a link to a chart, and its data, and then you rework the chart. Maybe you retell the story more effectively, or find a new story in the data. We’re curious to see the different approaches you all take. Whether it’s a simple bar chart or an elaborate infographic, we encourage everyone of all skills to partake. Together we can have broader conversations about and with data.

The series has recently gained a lot of traction: they have seen more than 2,800 entries from 470 participants, and will soon complete a whole set of entries for the year.

On the show we talk about how they got started with the project, how the series works, some interesting solutions they have received, and what is coming next.

Enjoy the show!



This episode of Data Stories is sponsored by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at the University of Warwick, where students study masters courses in Urban Informatics and Analytics, Big Data and Digital Media. These courses include subjects such as Visualisation, Big Data, Digital Sociology, Advanced Quantitative Research, and Spatial Methods including Geographic Information Systems all the way to User Interface Cultures and Playful Media. Find out more about studying and working with CIM at www.warwick.ac.uk/datastories.

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087  |  VizKidz: Books on Data Visualization for Kids

Hey, we talk about a super lovely project on the show today!

Book illustrator and product designer Abigail Ricarte and data journalist Liv Buli join us to talk about their Kickstarter project, VizKidz, an illustrated book series designed to teach kids about data visualization.

The series features four lovely characters: Penelope Pie, Laney Line, Barnaby Bar, and Bertie Boxplot, each with a specific “personality.”

On the show we talk about how the project started, how they designed the characters, and what it takes to launch a data visualization project on Kickstarter.

If you are interested in buying the book or learning more about the project, check out their website: http://www.vizkidz.rocks/.

Enjoy the show!

This episode of Data Stories is sponsored by Qlik, which allows you to explore the hidden relationships within your data that lead to meaningful insights. Check out the blog post about how Qlik’s vice president taught first graders some data visualization skills. And make sure to try out Qlik Sense for free at: qlik.de/datastories.


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079  |  Information Design with Isabel Meirelles

Isabel Meirelles is Professor in the Faculty of Design at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of Design for Information, a lovely data visualization book featuring pages of beautiful illustrations and loads of data visualization science. On the show we talk about how Isabel came to write the book, how she designed its content and structure, and how it is now being used for teaching.

We also talk about Information Plus, the data visualization conference she co-organized and took place last June in Vancouver, Canada at Emily Carr University. The conference brought together a whole host of amazing speakers and gained tons of attention from the Twitter-sphere.

Enjoy the show!

This episode of Data Stories is sponsored by Qlik, which allows you to explore the hidden relationships within your data that lead to meaningful insights. Any Formula 1 fans out there? Check out this Qlik Sense app which gives you the history of every race and where each competitor finished. And make sure to try out Qlik Sense for free at: qlik.de/datastories.


Isabel Meirelles

Isabel’s Information Design Course

Isabel’s Book: Design for Information

Information+ Conference

Shneiderman’s Information Seeking Mantra

Tamara Munzner’s Design Studies Process Model

Gregor Aisch’s adaptation of Information Seeking Mantra to mobile screens:

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