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130  |  Highlights from IEEE VIS 2018

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It was a great week in Berlin! Info+ and IEEE VIS took place at the same time and both Enrico and Moritz were there to document the conferences. We also organized a super fun Data Stories listeners meetup — more on that to come!

This week, our friends Jessica Hullman and Robert Kosara join Enrico to comment on their greatest highlights from IEEE VIS.

We discuss a handful of IEEE VIS events and then spotlight a few projects and papers that we especially liked. As usual, this is just a very thin slice of the conference offerings. There is much more to discover from the program!

Find links below to all the projects that we discuss on the show.



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108  |  Review of IEEE VIS’17 with Jessica Hullman and Robert Kosara

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We have Jessica Hullman from the University of Washington and Robert Kosara from Tableau Software on the show this week to share highlights from the IEEE VIS 2017 conference, which took place in Phoenix, Arizona in early October.

On the show, we discuss a number of interesting papers, panels and talks that were given at the conference. Of course, this is just a tiny portion of what took place in Phoenix! If you want to know more, take a look at the conference website.



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094  |  Uncertainty and Trumpery with Alberto Cairo

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In this episode, we have Alberto Cairo from the University of Miami on the show to talk about his newly announced lecture series on “Trumpery” and uncertainty.

Visualization and statistics promise to help people think and behave more rationally, but as we all know there is much more to fulfilling this promise than just showing “the right” graph.

With Alberto we touch upon many topics including partisanship and rhetoric, visualizing uncertainty and risk, and cognitive biases.

There is of course always much more to say on these topics, but this is a good start!

Enjoy the show.

Data Stories is brought to you by Qlik. Are you missing out on meaningful relationships hidden in your data? Unlock the whole story with Qlik Sense through personalized visualizations and dynamic dashboards which you can download for free at qlik.de/datastories.


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086  |  Highlights from IEEE VIS'16 with Jessica Hullman and Robert Kosara

In this episode, Jessica Hullman and Robert Kosara join Enrico at IEEE VIS’16 to discuss highlights from the conference, including noteworthy presentations, papers, panels, workshops, and overall major trends.

(From Robert Kosara’s talk “Empire built on sand”)


(From Best Paper recipient, Vega-Lite)


(From presentation, TextTile)


(From presentation, “Iterating between tools to create and edit visualizations”)



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082  |  Information+ Conference Review

epi-title-info+Hey! Welcome back from summer vacation! We start the new season with an experiment. In this episode, we review three talks that were given at the Information Plus Conference. The Conference took place from June 16 -18 in Vancouver, Canada, and featured a whole array of amazing speakers.

For our review we selected three talks:

  1. Catherine D’Ignazio on “Creative Data Literacy: Bridging the Gap Between the Data Haves and Have-nots.”
  2. Karen Cheng on “Proving the Value of Visual Design in Scientific Communication.”
  3. Michele Mauri on “Why Designers Should Care about Wikipedia.”

Listen here for selections from each presentation, plus our comments and reflections on each talk.

And let us know how you like this new format! We may be able to repeat it again in the future.

Special thanks to our amazing producer Destry Sibley, who curated the selection of talks and created the snippets for this episode. And many thanks to Isabel Meirelles and the Information Plus team for making the material available to us.

Enjoy the show!

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Full presentations

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076  |  Bocoup and OpenVis Conference

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On the show this week we have Irene RosJim Vallandingham, and Yannick Assogba from the data visualization team of Bocoup. We talk about how they collaborate with other groups to create open-source data visualization software. We also talk about OpenVis Conference, the successful and innovative visualization event they organize each year, as well as the cool visualization projects they develop internally.

This episode of Data Stories is sponsored by CartoDB. CartoDB is an open, powerful, and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key facts underlying the massive location data in our world. Whether you are a business, government agency, or simply a lover of revolutionary spatial insight technology, don’t settle for anything less than the best interactive maps around. Learn how CartoDB is shaping the world of location intelligence at cartodb.com/gallery.

Irene Ros
Jim Vallandingham
Yannick Assogba
Voyager (Exploratory Visualization Tool from IDL)
Lyra (Chart Building Tool from IDL)
Bocoup’s self-commissioned project “Stereotropes
Bocoup’s educational initiatives
OpenVis Conference 2015
OpenVis Conference Video Archive
OpenVis Conference file of transcripts
Contact the OpenVis Conference team
Lisa Charlotte Rost’s blog posts “One Chart, Twelve Tools” and “One Chart, Twelve Charting Libraries

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