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127  |  Storytelling with Data with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

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We have Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic on the show to talk about her work in visual storytelling. Cole is an educator, blogger, freelancer and author of Storytelling with Data, a successful data visualization book about effectively presenting data through visualization.

We talk about how Cole got her start in visualization through her former job at Google, how she created her business, the story behind her book, and many of her other activities (including her great podcast!).

The episode is full of useful tips, especially for those of you who are thinking of becoming a vis-oriented business-owner or freelancer.

Enjoy the show!


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118  |  Making Data Visual with Miriah Meyer and Danyel Fisher

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This week we have Miriah Meyer (University of Utah) and Danyel Fisher (Microsoft Research) on the show to talk about their new book Making Data Visual, which covers areas that other visualization books typically do not address: namely, how to go from formulating questions to building visualizations that solve actual problems that people have.

On the show we talk about how the book came to be; some of the concepts introduced by Miriah and Danyel in the book, such as the use of proxy tasks for data;  and how you could use it for your own projects.

Enjoy the show!


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102  |  Understanding Comics and Visual Storytelling with Scott McCloud

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In this episode we have famous cartoonist and comics theorist Scott McCloud. Scott wrote the popular books Understanding Comics (1993), Reinventing Comics (2000), and Making Comics (2006), which explain the theory and practice behind making comics and telling stories visually.

Scott has gained a big following among data visualization designers over the years. By following the strategies he describes in his books, one can develop rich narratives that are useful in data visualization as well as comics.

On the show we talk about his books, the power of frames, Scott’s definition of story, virtual reality, and what people in vis can learn from comic artists.

Enjoy the show!



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079  |  Information Design with Isabel Meirelles

Isabel Meirelles is Professor in the Faculty of Design at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of Design for Information, a lovely data visualization book featuring pages of beautiful illustrations and loads of data visualization science. On the show we talk about how Isabel came to write the book, how she designed its content and structure, and how it is now being used for teaching.

We also talk about Information Plus, the data visualization conference she co-organized and took place last June in Vancouver, Canada at Emily Carr University. The conference brought together a whole host of amazing speakers and gained tons of attention from the Twitter-sphere.

Enjoy the show!

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Isabel Meirelles

Isabel’s Information Design Course

Isabel’s Book: Design for Information

Information+ Conference

Shneiderman’s Information Seeking Mantra

Tamara Munzner’s Design Studies Process Model

Gregor Aisch’s adaptation of Information Seeking Mantra to mobile screens:

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