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078  |  Mimi Onuoha on Visualizing People's Lives through Mobile Data

This week Mimi Onuoha joins Moritz on the show for a project episode from the Eyeo Festival. Mimi is a Brooklyn-based artist and researcher, and currently a Fellow at the Data & Society Research Institute.

Mimi is fascinated by the moment when data get collected -- by what can be captured in that moment, and what goes unseen. As a Fulbright-National Geographic Fellow, Mimi developed Pathways, a data storytelling project on a month's worth of mobile data from a small group of Londoners. Using a quasi-ethnographic approach, the project reflects not only the individuals' mobile metadata, but also their experiences becoming data subjects.

On the show, we discuss Mimi's process recruiting both friends and strangers to become her data subjects, her experience developing personal relationships with each of them, and their reaction to the final product.


Fulbright-National Geographic Fellowship
Data and Society Research Institute
Open Paths app
Moves app owned by Facebook
Reveal.js slideshow software

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  Enrico Bertini Enrico Bertini is an acclaimed researcher in the field of data visualization. He has a background in Computer Science and is currently Assistant Professor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in the CSE Department. He lives in “the village” in New York City with his lovely 3 kids and wife. He is working …

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071  |  Tapestry Conference Review with Robert Kosara

This is a special edition from Tapestry, the conference on Data Storytelling that gathers visualization experts, journalists, designers, NGOs, academics, etc.

Enrico sits together with Robert Kosara to talk about the conference, the keynotes, some of the short stories talk, and how to participate to future editions of Tapestry.

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050  |  Happy Birthday Data Stories!

Ah! We made it to 50 episodes and three years of this lovely podcast of ours. We have loved every bit of it, every guest, every single discussion and all the support we received from everyone.

For this episode we asked repeatedly to submit a short audio snippet or text and we received a few amazing ones. We are very grateful to you all guys, this is amazing.

In the episode we talk about a few statistics we extracted on episodes with highest number of listeners and blog posts with highest number of visits. We then read the text messages we received. And finally we have inserted the audio messages we received. THANKS A LOT! This is amazing.

P.S. Special thanks to Erik Jacobson for his amazing collage! :)


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031  |  Review, preview w/ Robert Kosara and Andy Kirk

Happy 2014!

Here we go folks. Another year has passed. We review what was big and major trends in 2013 and what to expect in 2014.

We have two old DS friends on the show to help us with the review: Andy "Visualisingdata" Kirk and Robert "Eagereyes" Kosara.

Important announcement: in 2014 we want to hear more from you! Please feel free to contact us to ask questions, we will address them in our upcoming podcasts. You can also suggest new guests or topics you would like us to cover. You can reach us through: Twitter (@datastories) | Facebook | Email: We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Take care.



Periscopic's U.S. Gun Deaths
Pitch Interactive's Drones
NYT's Silkroad and Snawfall
Wealth Inequality Video
Interactive Things' NZZ Swiss Maps
Sketchy Rendering for InfoVis
Age of Buildings (pointillistic cartography)
Nanocubes: Fast Visualization of Large Spatiotemporal Datasets
Washington Post's Shots heard around the District
Density Design's Raw Visualization Tool
New Blogs: | |
Book: Design for Information (Robert's Review)
Nate Silver's Five Thirty Eight and the Vis Job Opening
Tableau Story Points
Infoactive - Kickstarter Vis Tool Project

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015  |  With Robert Kosara

We've got Robert Kosara on Data Stories for this episode. Robert is the editor of, one of the most respected and well-known data visualization blogs on the Internet. He is known for his controversial and informative posts and his "academic" style. But Robert, as he says in the show, wears many hats. He was a Professor of Computer Science at UNC Charlotte until recently, when he surprisingly moved to Tableau after being tenured. In the show we talk about his career choice and many other things: vis research, blogging, Tableau, etc.

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