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149  |  xkcd or the art of data storytelling with web cartoons

Randall Munroe is the mastermind behind the xkcd webcomics which have zillions of fans around the globe. In his stick figure cartoons and hilarious mini-stories, he comments on complicated scientific issues. Over the years, Randall has also created a number of data-heavy visualizations. Some of them tackle pressing issues such as climate change, while others mock conventions of visualization such as map projections or chart types.

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035  |  Visual Storytelling w/ Alberto Cairo and Robert Kosara

Hi all,

Hot topic today! We invited Alberto Cairo and Robert Kosara to discuss the role of storytelling in visualization. What is storytelling? Is all visualization storytelling? Should we always strive for telling a story? How does storytelling match with exploratory visualization? Should we aim more for worlds and macroscopes than stories as Moritz advocated a while back at Visualized? We went on a somewhat lengthy discussion on these topics and I think we all ended up agreeing on a lot of things and developed a much more nuanced view of storytelling. As you can see from the picture we had lots of fun (thanks Robert for taking the screenshot). Fantastic chat!

Note: Alberto has a lot more to say after the episode so he decided to publish a linked post that clarifies some of the things he said on the show. You find the post here: ...

P.S. Big, big thanks to Fabricio Tavares for taking care of the audio editing of this episode!



Lynn Chen on Implied Stories (and Data Vis)
Periscopic's Dino Citraro on A Framework for Talking About Data Narration
Book cited by Alberto: The Unpersuadables: Adventures with the Enemies of Science
Great visualizations without stories (proposed by Moritz):
Aron Koblin's Flight Patterns
Martin Wattenberg's Map of the Market
Moritz position on stories: Look ma, no story! | Worlds, not stories
Enrico's position on stories: Telling a story doesn’t tell the whole story
Robert series on storytelling: Stories Are Gateways Into Worlds | Story: A Definition
Robert's mention of visualization on Copenhagen: Emissions, Treaties and Impacts
Jessica Hallman's VIS'13 paper on: Deeper Understanding of Sequence in Visualization

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