110  |  What's Going On In This Graph? with Michael Gonchar and Sharon Hessney

On the show this week we have  Michael Gonchar of the New York Times Learning Network and Sharon Hessney of the American Statistical Association to talk about the New York Times’s project, “What’s Going On In This Graph?

The project aims to improve students’ visual literacy by analyzing a specific chart and participating in online discussions. Each month the New York Times publishes a new chart and ask students to discuss it by answering a series of questions: What do you notice? What do you wonder? Are there items you notice that answer what you wonder? Where could you find the answers to what you wonder?

On the show we talk about how the project was born, how students participate in the process, what they learn, and our guests’ plans for the future of the series.

We strongly encourage you to participate! It’s fun and useful!

Enjoy the show!

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