Introducing Data Stories

Hi Folks,

Enrico and Moritz are happy to introduce Data Stories, a podcast on data visualization and anything concerning data, from art to statistics.

Enrico writes and he is a data visualization researcher. Moritz writes and he is a data visualization freelancer.

The idea of creating a podcast started taking shape when Enrico interviewed Moritz on “How to Become a Data Visualization Freelancer“. We got a such a positive feedback and we had so much fun that we thought: “Hey, what about doing it regularly?”. So, here we are with Data Stories.

We are podcasts lovers and noticed there is no podcast on data visualization around, so we created the one we would like to listen. Many of the interesting discussions in the field today come from the alternative perspectives of people with different backgrounds. Enrico is an academic, Moritz a designer. Unfortunately, we happen to agree too much and too often on too many things, but there is still space for some fights!

Each episode is organized around one specific hot topic or area we like. We’d also love to make the podcast as interactive as possible, so if you have anything special you would like  appear in the podcast drop us a line! We also plan to have special guests. Again, if you want to suggest anyone (yourself included) let us know.

Data Stories is pretty much work in progress but we are doing our best to provide a solid and pleasurable program. Please help us making Data Stories a success and let us know what you think.

Enrico & Moritz

Our zeroest episode

Just testing the podcast embedding feature!